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Hardwood floor services


Wood floor maintenance

The best way to prolong the life of your wood floor is with regular maintenance, performed by expert craftsmen. We are always happy to provide a free estimate on services ranging from minor color touch ups in high-traffic areas to complete refinishing, cleaning and polishing polyurethane finishes and waxing and buffing.

Sanding & refinishing

Has your old floor lost its luster or is it showing worn or bare spots or scratches? Or do you just want a color or sheen level finish change? Don't replace your floors, restore them! Boardwalk Custom Floors specializes in hardwood floor restoration and can bring your wood floors back to beautiful at a fraction of the cost of replacement.



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Cleaning & waxing

Sometimes adding wax to your hardwood floor can improve its look relatively quickly. If the floor's appearance doesn't improve with a deep clean or by buffing, adding wax may be the solution. Wax is easy to clean and buff and will greatly improve the look of your hardwood floor.

Flooring repairs

Many home and business owners are plagued by common flooring problems that require repair. From water damage to scratches, there are several reasons why you may require a repair to your wood flooring. Some common problems that require repair are:
  • Warping – usually resulting from water damage. Warping should be repaired as soon as noticed. The water source must be corrected before the hardwood floor repair can begin.
  • Cupping - Cupping is also referred to as washboarding, which slowly develops across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the planks rise and the middle of the board dips. This is also due to a moisture imbalance, as there is more water on the bottom side of the wood than the top. You'll have to balance out the humidity levels to allow your flooring to return to normal. Once stabilized, Boardwalk Custom Floors can sand and re-finish it.
  • Buckling - A buckled floor arises when the boards start to warp and lift from the sub-floor. This is usually the result of water damage. That moisture can deform the edges of the wood and cause uneven surfaces throughout.
  • Splitting or cracking - It's not uncommon for hardwood to get splits or cracks in the surface. Usually, angled nails and some wood putty will do the trick to secure the two pieces together. Larger cracks, though, may require refinishing.
  • Gaps – It isn't uncommon for gaps to develop between planks. Wood shrinks when it dries and expands when it is wet. This expansion and contraction can lead to gaps between planks. If the gap is larger than a dime width, Boardwalk Custom Floors can correct the problem.