Your floor has seen some better days, and you're wondering whether you should replace or repair it. If you're looking to get brand new floors, you may think repairs may not be worth the cost.

If there is only minor damage to your floors, for example, you have cracked tile, or one of your hardwood boards has bowed, the simple repair is worth your time and money. However, if there is more extensive damage due to severe weather or wear, you might also want to go with a repair.

I don’t want to replace, just repair

If your hardwood floors are covered in scratches and dents, it could mean it just needs to be repaired. Contacting a flooring company to get those floors buffed out and refinished, for excellent results.

If you have laminate flooring that has damage, you can repair it instead of replacing the whole floor. If you call the company that initially installed your carpet, they could install a patch and repair any tears.

My floor is beyond aged: Is it time to replace it?

When you're on the edge of deciding whether to repair or replace your floors, one key thing to think about is the age of your floors. Thinking back to when your flooring company initially installed your flooring can help you make the right decision.

If properly cared for, hardwood floors can last over a hundred years. On the other hand, the carpet has a much shorter lifespan, with ten years being its peak age.

So, if your floors look ready to expire, consider their age. If they're nowhere close to being out of date, you can always repair them instead of replacement.

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